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Leah Wesolowski

In a previous message I stated that Glenn Nunley would be District 4’s new commissioner. I am sad to report that this may, in fact, not become reality at all–even though Mr. Nunley received more LEGAL votes than Mr. Abernathy.

WHY? (I had hoped you would ask that)

Now I know you all can read the papers, but the papers aren’t giving you the whole story…

On Thursday I peeked into The Honorable Judge Riddick’s office to
say hi and casusally brought up the District 4 race. At that time
he agreed with me when I said “It looks like the Coach got it.”
I was sure by the way that the Honorable Judge Riddick replied to
me that he felt that Mr. Nunley had won fair and square.

I was quite shocked to find the same Honorable Judge Riddick
on Friday certifying the election. Having been through this June 2nd I learned then that once an election is “CERTIFIED” it is virtually impossible to get the decision changed.

This distresses me. I hope that it distresses you. Even if
you do not live in District 4, the issue is not who will serve, the
issue is can we really have FAIR elections in Madison County?

At one of my boxes (that I KNOW OF) over 230 people who were
not eligible to vote in my race did so…This is also what happened
in a much larger precint (37) to Coach Nunley and Grady Abernathy.

The dellimma we face is that when we start to make an issue
out of it (as we did over the re-districting of the same County
Commission back in June) we {and I mean Republicans} are made to feel that we should be ashamed to “Cost this county another election”.
This is as far from the truth as one can get.
First of all the blame lay squarely on the shoulders {in this
case} of the Board of Registrars. It was that office which printed
out the lists telling the polling officials which ballots to hand
out. It is also the head of that office who personally told me in
June that if I didn’t quiet down that I I would be costing the county a new election. Frankly I am sick of this crap!

Mr. Nunley paid for his signs, paid his filing fees, filled
out his paperwork, went door to door on a bycycle and put a LOT of energy into his campaign. Simple addition and subtraction would tell any second grader that Mr. Nunley received more LEGAL votes and that SHOULD mean that he is in fact DISTRICT 4’s new County Commissioner.

Had it been the other way around Mr. Abernathy would already
have been sworn in. It is because he is a Democrat–he’s a good ole boy and he is also not being a good and decent person for just stepping down and doing what is right.

Now I ask you…District 4 or not. to WRITE LETTERS about this to
the Honorable Judge Riddick, Madison County Courthouse, Huntsville,
Al. 35801.
To Grady Abernathy, Seventh floor Madison County Courthouse, Huntsville,
Al. 35801.
To the Huntsville Times &News Madison County Record, Speakin’ Out
News et al… Please write. PLEASE!

= Micro Magic, 830-2362, Alabama’s Usenet/Fidonet gateway.
= Reply-To: Leah.We…@p0.f2.n373.z1.FIDONET.ORG

John Blumer

First let me congradulte you for running a good campaign, even though your opponent won.

(NOTE FROM LEAH ~ I ran for Board of Ed’ that year too)…
I couldn’t believe the article I red in the newspape, that even thought Nunley had the most legal votes they gave the election to Abernathey.
Is there some federal agency we could complain to? It does seem like a case of good ole boy poltics.

= Micro Magic, 830-2362, Alabama’s Usenet/Fidonet gateway.

= Reply-To: John….@p0.f2.n373.z1.FIDONET.ORG

Leah Wesolowski 11/10/92
This case is scheduled to go to Federal court in Birmingham.
However I suggest that you WRITE letters to the editor and to
Grady and to Judge Riddick. The Justice Department also might be
interested; however I believe they are entwined in the County
Commission down here some how–I can’t prove it yet though.
Letters to the editor are the most effective.

Please write your thoughts here.

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