The Politics, The Law, and The Abuses Therein

There is a Blog on Google which led me to add this page, the Blog is titled “Legal Schnauzer” and its topic is Judicial Misconduct in Alabama. It came as NO SURPRIZE to me when I read the blogger was arrested. Imagine that, speaking out about a corrupt legal system, and then being pulled into it as a CRIMINAL. In Alabama, (my opinion one of the MOST CORRUPT PLACES ON THE PLANET WHERE MONEY AND POWER ARE THE ONLY THING THAT MATTER {CAPS NECESSARY BECAUSE I AM SCREAMING!}) we have a very stereotypical “Good Old Boys Network” the likes of which I had only previously discovered in reading FICTION. Imagine the most corrupt government you have ever read about, multiply that by say 20 and you might be close to an accurate equivocation of the misuse of power that exists there.

I am going to try to convince you of the abuses of power there, best I can, using my own files, AND other cases, public documents, and news.

In my case I had previously sued the Board of Elections in Federal court in 1992. The Republicans asked me to because they knew I was a person motivated by doing the right thing and stood on principal.  read an old blog here :

There are MANY other cases in Alabama that I would consider “Good Ole Boy” politics in action.  This has gone on for FAR too long.  Their abuse of power, arresting people who stand up, and speak out, covering a citizen in legal bills that bankrupt the speaker, OR WORSE, falsley accusing or fabricating a criminal case to discredit those of us who believe in standing up for what is right.  Being a part of the solution, not turning away out of fear, or apathy, is IMPORTANT to me.  I have been embroiled in some contraversary in Alabama long before my divorce.  My activism came with a pricetag I think.  It was the punitative loss of joint custody, and the court’s unwillingness to enforce a watered down divorce decree.



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