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We use to be a family, together and proud, I had no idea that deep down you both was feeling sad….May-be now I’m older I can see why you grew apart, I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I just hope we can all still be friends and the fighting and arguing will come to an end. May you both enjoy the life you now make, and sides of you both I take. I’m not your trophy, prize or award, I’m not the problem nor the sword, I am me a child of divorce.
#divorce #sorrytimes #takeit #frommetoyou +Divorce Court +Healthy Children of Divorce #itdosnthavetobebad #stopmakingitmyproblem #yourchoice #achoiceyouwillivewith #livewithyourchoices #givemealife #madeitthisfar #sofarsogood #lifeisgood #lifegotbetter she wrote this


It's time we all start discussing alienation and work out prevention tactics. Please write your thoughts here.

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