Divorce & Parental Alienation Resources


Family Law Australia seminars alienation 2018

‘Alienation? Myths, complexities and possibilities…’ 5th Annual AFCC Australian Chapter Conference 2018

Start time: 00:00 Thursday, August 16th 2018
End time: 00:00 Saturday, August 18th 2018
Location: The Hilton, Victoria Square
Email: AusAFCC@gmail.com

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th Annual AFCC Australian Conference hosted at the Hilton Hotel (233 Victoria Square Adelaide) on Thursday 16 August 2018 for The Pre-Conference Institutes and Friday 17 August 2018 to Saturday 18 August 2018 for the Main Conference.

To view the Conference Flyer, click here.

Preconference Institutes – 16 August 2018

  • ‘Introduction: AFCC Accreditation as a Family REport Writer’ presented by Dr Phil Watts, Dr Jennifer Neoh and Dr Ben Jones
  • ‘Parental Alientation’ presented by Professor Nicholas Bala and Mr Vincent Papaleo
  • ‘Early Intervention with Resist/Refuse Dynamics’ presented by Dr Lyn Greenberg
  • ‘The Child’s Objections Exception in 1980 Hague Convention Proceedings’ presented by Professor Marilyn Freeman and Associate Professor Nicola Taylor
  • Workshop presented by Dr Phil Stahl and Mr Stephen Page

Keynotes and Plenary Sessions – 17 & 18 August 2018

  • ”ALLEN’ation – A Child’s View of Alientation’ presented by Dr Robert Simon and Mr Stephen Cohen
  • ‘Parental Alientation: Social Context and Legal Resources’ presented by Professor Nicholas Bala
  • ‘Attachment’ presented by Judge Robyn Sexton, Professor Jennifer McIntosh and Mr Paul Lodge
  • ‘Research on the Removal of Children by Warrant and Alienation Cases’ presented by Professor Mark Henaghan

Workshops – 17 & 18 August 2018

  • ‘The Developmental Significance of Early Attachment Security, and The Trouble With Parent Conflict and Violence. New Evidence’ presented by Professor Jennifer McIntosh and Dr Evelyn Tan
  • ‘The Role of Lawyers in Dealing with Parental Alienation’ presented by Ms Olivia Grobtuch, Ms Jacky Campbell and Ms Elizabeth Picker
  • ‘Staying in Family Law and Keeping Your Sanity: Dealing with Clients with Personality Disorders’ presented by Dr Catherine Boland
  • ‘RIFT – Reportable Intensive Family Therapy – A Four Day Single Therapist Model for Complex Family Matters’ presented by Dr Jennifer Neoh
  • ‘Indigenous Issues’ presented by Judge Charlotte Kelly and Judge Robyn Sexton
  • ‘”A little Bit” of Family Violence’ presented by Dr Peter Krabman and Judge Alexandra Harland
  • ‘P.E.P Talks! The Parenting Enhance Program for Children who Resist Time with a Parent. The Facts, Stats, Wisdom and Wonder’ presented by Ms Lisa Bottomley
  • ‘What to do with Parental Hatred?’ presented by Dr Bruce Smyth
  • ‘Guidlines working with Children’ and ‘Mental Health Treatment Reports Submitted as Evidence in Family Court Proceedings’ presented by Ms Pat Woodcock and Mr Don Tustin
  • ‘Less in Sometimes more…Being Aware of the Footprint We Leave on the Family’ presented by Judge Tom Altobelli and Dr Robert Simon
  • ‘When a Child Rejects or Resists Contact with a Parent Following Separation: Developing Best Outcomes for Family Therapy’ presented by Dr Janina Syzndler
  • ‘Sociological Perspectives on Parental Alientation’ presented by Mr Stan Korosi and Ms Jo Fothergill

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