About My Divorce Pain

I started this blog as a way of venting frustrations surrounding my divorce, to finally tell my side of the gory story, and to collect similar stories from you, dear reader.

I also wanted to add support and resources viewers can turn to. Permissions aren’t always forthcoming, so the list of help is SLOW in growth.

Books and links to other things here are recommended because I use them. I encourage you to click to try the free offers and spread those resources to your friends.

Finally, many have asked how you can help me grow this site. Donations are a great start. I would like to get professional tools here and any contributions will be going toward that. To donate mail any donations to
Leah Talley
PO BOX 506753,
san diego, ca. 92150.

I have not applied for charity status, that will be goal #2 (Costs about $500) so any help helps!

Please tweet any posts you enjoy, share them on other social outlets as well. Your help in spreading the word about PAS will help many.

Thank You!

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