Parental Alienation Damages a Child DEEPLY

This is exactly right I have said this from the beginning. Sometimes PAS is accidental, but once known, when understood that these actions are harmful, continuing alienating behavior is definitely abuse. That is the place where I believe it’s actionable and not in divorce court, but as a civil tort, and possibly even criminal

Reaching Through The Iron Curtain

Sometimes a parent isn’t alienating the child/ren on purpose; sometimes they are just so full of pain over the break-up they can’t bring themselves to be respectful… Talking about the other parent in a positive light is actually impossible when one is hurting so badly… and alienation can occur subconsciously.

However, once a parent understands that their behavior, comments, and preventing contact so that normal healthy parent/child relationships can continue to exist, is harming not just their ex, but also damaging the children, well then we move to a different level. We may be leaving kids in the care of a cruel and possibly dangerous person… One who doesn’t care about the child’s self esteem, or who places their own feelings above those others. This is the person who should face sanctions, possibly criminal charges for child abuse. That is EXACTLY what this behavior is; Child Abuse.

Signs of parental…

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