@AmericanFathers ***(CALL TO ACTION) ***This Fatherless Day June 17th!

Father’s Unite

World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.


usa eleWe hope getting out and joining ‘The Father’s Rights Movement’, ‘Truth Exposed’ and many other organizations in support of this years 2016 Fatherless Day rally. Come join and show your support for Family Law and Child Protective Services Reform/Change and to End Parental Alienation. 50/50 shared custody is what is best for our children. Help us exposed the system for who they really are and to end the systematic abuse of power, extortion, money laundering and human/child kidnapping/trafficking. END THE WAR ON FATHERS, MEN, BOYS, GIRLS, WOMEN AND FAIR MOTHERS.

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It's time we all start discussing alienation and work out prevention tactics. Please write your thoughts here.

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