The courts are corrupted and their is a bias by the courts that they accept by: Marcia Hamilton

World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.

There is nothing that you can do to the CAS corporation. The public doesn’t care and neither does any of our Government Officials. You will soon find out that the Government funds them through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services who will try to distant themselves about the CAS practices and will tell you the CAS is a private Corporation and any complaints should be directed to Children and Family Services Review Board and if you do file a complaint there you will find out that the board is a farce and has no authority to discipline the CAS or to force them to do nothing because all the Board can do is to ensure that CAS internal complaints review panel heard your complaint . The Cas ICRP(internal Compalints Review Panel) will let you know that they have no power to discipline any of their workers regardless of any…

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