The Child’s Narcissists

One of the things…the not so good things,which felt like they were good things to them,but not to me,which my parents liked to do,and say,to me,was to accuse me of being just like them…My mother would accuse me of being just like my father,my father would accuse me of being just like my mother…Where did this leave me?”

Source: The Child’s Narcissists

This young lady succinctly states what I have been crying about for years. When I get a call. tearful and distraught, as recently as July 2015, saying that a family member once again was telling my adult child what a piece of shit I am, and clearly this family member doesn’t care about the self esteem or how devastating it is to grow up believing you are made up of 50% garbage…this person is not under court order, and is NOT the Step Mother. I have never had recourse to the law to stop the poisoned words coming from her directly into the ears and hearts of my kids.

Well here you see another child speaks about how it hurt thinking they were 1/2 trash… OUCH


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