finally someone agrees with me

2) The law must be changed to provide sanctions to a parent for not allowing the child/teen (who they now have obtained full custody for) to accept any gifts or money from the other parent so this sick, not bad parent can receive the tax benefits for providing 100% of the child/teen’s support. This current tax law encourages parental alienation instead of encouraging the parent/child relationship.

3) The current law must be changed to allow both divorcing parents monetary and tax benefits only if they have 50/50 shared custody. The current law allows only the parent who has full custody to receive these benefits, which encourages a parent to destroy the sacred bond between the loving parent and child/teen to gain full custody so he or she can receive these monetary and tax benefits. Changing this law would serve as a deterrent to parental alienation.

4) The current law must be changed to recognize parental alienation as a legal cause of action so the sick parent would know he or she could be fined or sanctioned for destroying the bond between the loving parent and child/teenager or for carrying out strategies of parental alienation.

As many experts have proven, there are specific patterns of behavior of both parents and the children/ teenagers/young adults which are clearly the result of a sick parent using parental alienation strategies.

5) The current law must be changed to require fines or sanctions against any individual, organization or institution for assisting this sick parent in his strategies of parental alienation, which help destroy the sacred parent/child bond.

For example, knowingly or intentionally:

violating the divorce degree by not notifying or including the loving, alienated parent
writing or submitting a false report or statement to the Court or any publication
continuing to behave in ways that are NOT in the best interest of the child/teen
knowingly accepting funds from a 3rd party on behalf of the sick parent, for the benefit of the child/teen so this sick parent does not have to report this income on his or her W-2. This prohibits the loving parent from receiving the proper amount of support to be better able to financially help the child/teen. This behavior encourages parental alienation because the children believe they need their sick parent for financial survival.
knowingly and intentionally and voluntarily allowing children, even adult brainwashed and emotionally tortured children to be placed in situations of Involuntary Servitude including but not limited to Debt Servitude, Peonage and other forms of Slavery.

6) The current law allowing a child or teen to choose the parent they want to live with must be changed.

Instead, for each divorce the law should require that if both parents want shared custody, they each should be given 50/50 custody;

To deviate from this law, there must be evidence showing the parent has a pattern of unfit behavior over a reasonable period of time; not merely unusual behaviors prior to the divorce (which is often brought on by the parental alienation as the references cited explain. Often the sick parent will use strategies to make the loving parent look unfit).

Simultaneously, the Judge must assist an unfit parent in obtaining the immediate support needed to be brought up to the level of being fit so shared custody can be awarded as this is in the child’s best interest.(ex, by requiring the parent attend an AAA program like when a reckless driver is required to attend driving classes)

In the meantime, frequent visitation, even supervised, if necessary must begin since it is in the best interest of the children/teen to not be deprived of seeing their parent and even watching him or her make positive changes; like recovering from alcoholism unless this parent refuses to attend the program ordered by the judge or refuses to listen to the supervisor during supervised visitation.


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