I FINALLY got the nerve to finish this post…

Blogger & grand daughter
I could hold her forever 2015

I just came back from a visit to see my daughter’s beautiful baby. Let me tell you this baby is  A dream to me I really never thought I would ever get to hold any of my grandchildren.

On my journey I was able to see each one of my children however brief. It was very clear to me that they have  taken on beliefs about who I am that are

  1. completely false.
  2.  extremely painful to hear.
  3. false allegations are very nearly indefensible. I mean you cannot prove a negative.
  4.   I’m trying to understand how these ANY of my kids  could even begin to believe half of what they told me they believe about ME!  I’m the mother. Remember me? I’m the one who gave birth to them. 4 kids wasn’t just a game, I was in for the long haul.

The worst part about my trip to Alabama was that I came away with the belief that these false-hoods  are so ingrained in two  of my children’s view of reality that  I Think it is very doubtful  they will ever allow themselves to love me.  I’m trying to be optimistic but even tiny niceties like “hello” in a text message are ignored.


One comment that was repeated to me in confidence was that I don’t know them anymore.  It is the not knowing them that is truly breaking my heart .

Hindsight is 20/20; if I can help one person trying to decide whether to leave their family, please put your child’s future before your own or your spouse.   whatever you do don’t leave the state and preferably do not leave the town,  as the adult it is your responsibility to teach your children how to resolve conflict and how to get along with others even when you’re very angry.

I’m here to tell  you when parents  are considering a divorce or breaking up with your babies mommy or daddy don’t move out-of-state or you may never have a chance of a good relationship with your child. FOREVER.



3 comments on “I FINALLY got the nerve to finish this post…”
  1. MurphyCee says:

    I’ve lost 1 of my 3 to my scheming, lying covert narc. My family thinks I’ll get him back but I doubt it. He’s now living with his dad soaking up all of the bullshit his dad throws out. And, I didn’t leave the state or give up custody. I just starting acting like a real mom, making him clean up after himself, be civil and take care of himself. When you have no conscience, like a narcissist, you will go to lengths we can’t even imagine to get what you want, like the loyalty of a child. Let yourself off the hook. Yes, it’s heartbreaking, but it’s not your fault.

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    1. LovesBlues says:

      Thanks for sharing the truth is I should have stayed for the kids. That’s always going to be knocking around in my thoughts . I say this because if I feared for my well being; emotionally why would I leave my beloved children in the situation then I felt unsafe them?

      It’s my opinion that it takes two people to make a child and also takes two people to muck them up.

      Thank you for reading and I hope you will share more soon


  2. I really think that your kids should go see a psychotherapist and that the court should make anyone responsible for their current hate for you to pay for all that therapy. I also think that they should have to pay you restitution for The heartbreak you’ve been through. This should not stay in Family Court this should be actionable in regular civil court.

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