Tips for Dealing with Family Law Judges

A Call to Action ~ Together We Are Stronger (C2A)

California family law attorney Thurman W. Arnold, III, CFLS, offers tips and advice for lawyers and self represented parties dealing with family law judges. 

The article is titled, “Pointers for Dealing with Family Court Judges (Difficult and Otherwise) – What Every Lawyer and Pro Per Should Know! and can be found at:

NOTE: This article is NOT meant to replace or substitute legal advise. If you need help for your legal situation, please contact a professional.

“..judges like the rest of us can be difficult and reactive at times, and it can be quite challenging for attorneys and pro se litigants to know how to prepare for, and best behave within, the sometimes edgy or emotional atmosphere of family courtrooms. This tension, if not understood or managed correctly, can have negative consequences in terms of outcomes and more.

My intention is not to imply criticism of our…

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