My History with Parental Alienation

Meet Mark,
He also was divorced and then me He was living in Alabama prior to the breakup. Like me he blogs his pain. If enough of us blog well, tell the world about the devastation of alienation, on the children and the estranged parent, maybe we can start to see the alienating parents and their accomplices facing real punishment, something that at least comes close to the pain they cause those they hurt.

Living Life Better Blog

I lived with my ex for 14 years and had two beautiful children with her.  To keep the relationship going, I subscribed to her views on religion, politics, and pretty much everything.  I basically tried to be the person she wanted to be with instead of the person I am.  This meant excluding my birth family from my life. After 14 years, it became too much and I cracked. I took the family van for a week and went to see my parents for the first time since we were married.  My children were 7 and 5 at the time.  By the time I got back home from my trip, she had packed up and left for her own parents with the children.  That was the last time I’ve seen them in almost 9 years.

She took my daughter to the doctor for an examination claiming sexual abuse and made…

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