How many of you alienated parents have heard this from your kids,  “just MoveOn I/we have

Well as the mother of lovely children, who have been taught to hate me, all but one, I can tell you I could no more Move On then I can chop off my own leg.

“Don’t blog about the way you feel”, “don’t blog about our family”, “don’t tell anyone how horrible we are behaving!”

Sorry no can do.

I have nothing to lose I finally lost my children and if they don’t like my blog they don’t have to read it.


2 comments on “JUST MOVE ON… WE HAVE!”
  1. Linda Turner says:

    Reblogged this on PARENTS HEALING FROM ESTRANGEMENT and commented:

    By sharing you blog you are helping others. Even if we cannot change the past there may be hope for others out there. We are still loving mothers and we are proud, and we have done nothing to be ashamed of so speak out with pride and love xxxxxx

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