Trying to Live With Parental Alienation

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I know I’ve put most of my story in previous posts.  But the daily effects still knock me for a loop. I’m scheduled for a psychiatrist in a few weeks. I’ll try to be good and be honest.  I hope I can find a few answers on how to deal with my issues.

I’m on several medications.  Two for the shakes and one to help me sleep. They also work as anti-depressants. But I still wake up at 4 every morning.  I’m haunted by thoughts of my children. Sometimes they are missing me. Other times, I can feel their anger at me for “abandoning” them. Sometimes I just sit down and cry.

I should be more worried about them, but I’m mostly busy just trying to stay alive.  I need to keep showing up for work. I need to keep functioning. It’s hard. If my ex wanted to see me…

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