The Effects of Parental Alienation

I can totally relate, how old are they? If you have begun to be whole again, can I just advise you to go back to the place they live and be there for them, my biggest regret is leaving.

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I got to talk to my children twice by phone when the ex first took them away.  After that, the phone was never answered.

When I got the call from CPS with the accusations, I sat down on my front porch and froze.  I reached out for help. Then I drank a beer… and many more. I eventually drank so many, I ended up in a rehab. I tried to bury my pain. I tried to pretend I was able to survive like that. I was lying to myself.  Eventually, I had to leave my home to the collectors… leave my job and move in with my parents. I eventually got work again, but I was ineffectual.  When the final divorce was declared, it was certain that I would not be able to talk to my children again.  I was destroyed.  I went through 3 rounds in the psych ward. …

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It's time we all start discussing alienation and work out prevention tactics. Please write your thoughts here.

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