Greed and His Punishing Me; Has it Finally Backfired?

IRS Filed Lien on Ex’s Home The nerve of my ex-husband still amazes me.  I was notified by a friend recently that my ex-husband had a lien on his home.  I did a little digging and found out why.  DESPITE a court order (in our divorce settlement) to pay the IRS and AMERICAN EXPRESS within 30 days of our divorce being final, he STILL hasn’t paid the taxes.

30 days to file taxes
30 days to file taxes

The court also said:

Divide retirement after taxes
Divide retirement after taxes

Well he never did either of these things, and I have yet to see any of our $190K in Lockheed Retirement, Avocent, and other stocks which are listed:

Division of assets list
Division of assets list

I DID receive 1/2 of one of our Waddel and Reed accounts but I think there were 4 separate funds.  I also received part of the Morgan Stanley but it was diminished by a lot, he said he paid his attorney… GRRRRRR But I haven’t seen ANY of the other items detailed. Furthermore he was supposed to pay my kids college, but he told them I caused him to be broke, because he had to pay the taxes and Amex… BOTH of which he never did. The lien is in the amount of $353,529.44 nearly $250,000. more than what we owed in 2001. I know he has money, he never paid these items, he makes upward of $200K a year, so where is my half?  Why didn’t he pay the IRS? (I could really use an attorney who specializes in complicated financial settlements in Alabama, if you know one, please link them this page.) Frustrated. Alienated. Hurt. and Angry 13 years AFTER my divorce, it Never ENDS!

tax lien
tax lien


3 comments on “Greed and His Punishing Me; Has it Finally Backfired?”
  1. I would Google “financial abuse”. See if you can find an advocate there.

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    1. LovesBlues says:

      Unfortunately, in Alabama there is only one method of recourse to the law for divorce cases, that means a filing of “Contempt” and what a PAIN it is!


      1. I am working on finding somewhere to help you, I can’t ever help myself, but I have a gift for helping everyone else, dont ask! 😊

        I found some information on this website which was very interesting, I dont know your specifics, but there maybe something in there, also I am checking into federal law as well. Maybe we can find something. 😊, Contempt is a pain to file, but its your money!

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