Attachment disorder arising from family separation: not in the best interests of the child

I’ve been saying this for a while now. Like in Stockholm Syndrome, the child rejecting one parent may not be doing it due to conscientious efforts on the part of the custodial parent. I think what happens id that a child becomes so fearful that the custodial parent will “reject” them as they (sometimes erroneously) belive the non-custodial parent has done. THis alienation come from fear. We all know my views on Fear, Fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate.
Leah Please read her entire article it is awesome.

Karen Woodall

Attachment disorders arising from upholding a child’s decision to reject a parent after separation

The Family Courts are often presented with the phenomenon of a child who no longer wishes to see a parent after separation. This phenomenon, which arises after family separation is one which presents serious challenges for the courts. Use of instruments such as ‘wishes and feelings’ reports by CAFCASS and Social Workers, can lead to an over reliance upon what a child says they would like to happen after separation. It is this focus upon the child’s voice, that can lead some practitioners to feel that only by upholding the child’s stated wishes are they acting in the child’s best interests.

This article explores the way in which an over reliance upon the stated wishes and feelings of a child can act, not to uphold their best interests, but to force a terrible burden upon that…

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