Wake Up Already

“Parental Negative Programming ” I know it is not her context, but it fits here,

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Then the guide announced: “They do a great job preparing you for grad school here. So when you go, you’ll be ready.”

“When you go?” We heard this at several schools. When did grad school become an expectation? For which careers? All of them?

In the twenty-first century. Yes, for all that can actually be called “careers.” Wake up already. It makes as much sense to bemoan this new reality as it is to fret over the invention of a light-bulb. Yes, candlelight was way cooler but let’s get over it once and for all.

I linked to the post but I don’t recommend it because it can’t be of interest to anybody but the author’s psychiatrist. Or people who are fascinating by parental negative programming and ways in which parents create intolerable anxiety and intense feelings of guilt in their children.

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