From PAINinCT – Many Parents in CT are suffering from a hostile co-parent not sharing children. Courts, in many cases, doing NOTHING to help.

Eye On Connecticut

These are some wise words from a friend who is going to law school:

I have that picture next to me as I work today. Each time I see it, my resolve only strengthens to end this horrific form of abuse that runs rampant in family courts across our nation. If it takes a village to raise a child, then how many to save one? And not just one, but all?

My first year family law professor had drilled into our heads that when a case seemed so bogged down and so insurmountable that the very next step was indistinguishable, always but always, return to the fundamental core issues, the very basic letter of the law. Forget everything else on the table and identify the black and white letter of the law. Once identified, restructure and erect your case using the law as the cornerstone.

The United States Supreme Court…

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