Think of the children!


depression disassembler

Despite coming from a broken home and not being allowed to see my father (because he left for another woman, not because of the abuse) and understanding the heartache when, as a child, you just don’t get why. They are your parent, of course you want to see them. Despite all this I find myself part of a similar situation looking in on the children and thinking “stop it”.
I was never the “other woman” but when I met my partner he was separated and had two boys. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and offering some stability on their visits. I don’t want to be mum. I’m not mum. I just wanted to be “dad’s partner” and a trusted adult in their life. I have always supported a healthy communication between my partner and his ex for the sake of the children. I openly invite conversation about…

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One comment on “Think of the children!”
  1. Thank you for the reblog and understanding.


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