The Attempt to get me arrested

My daughter Libby gave me reason to believe that they (the kids) were being either abused or neglected by Chuck in about 2005.  She told me many alarming things, among them that Chuck was driving them around while drinking alcohol.  She also repeatedly, over the course of months begged me to get them out of there.

My situation was far from ideal.  I was getting $500 in SSI for my disability and I would not have made it without a roommate helping with the expenses.

One night I called Chuck, he was blitzed drunk, slurring his words and well I begged him for help because my power was getting turned off.  He agreed and gave me his checking account data to pay my utilities with.  At the time he was making about $120,000 a year and I was bringing in $6,000 a year TOTAL! Paying my utilities was nothing in terms of his financial picture.

I should have realized it was a setup though because not too long after he became involved with Jill Hearn did I get a knock at my door from the Pasco County Sheriff asking me why I was stealing money from my ex.

?!?SAY WHAT?!?

Yep, he went back, added up the payments I made and got it up to felony size and then pressed charges.

I spoke with the investigator and even showed him some correspondence I had where Chuck acknowledged he knew I was making those payments and the investigator said, “Have a good day Ma’am” and never bothered me again.

Yet, in the back of my mind, I felt Chuck was going to try to have me arrested once I came back to Alabama.  He was laying in wait like a panther.

It was around this time he stopped allowing me to see my kids UNLESS I went to Madison to get them.  He even refused to put them on a plane.  I can only believe it was because he wanted me arrested so I would be a “felon” or accused of a felony.

So I wrote to the Pasco Sheriff and got a copy of the file exonerating me and sent it up to Madison, all issues were dropped.

From: Leah Talley




To: Pasco County Sheriff’s Department

Records division


Re: Case Number 06-16234


To Whom it May Concern in Records,

I spoke with Detective Mitchell this morning who advised that after completing his investigation into this matter he has determined the case as unfounded. I am in the process of taking my former husband back to court and have a feeling that when I go to court in Alabama he will have these same charges brought against me in that jurisdiction. In order to assist with that possibility; and to ease my mind, I would be grateful if I could get whatever form; case report, determination sheet, or what ever the form is called showing that this case was investigated and that no charges were assigned.


My belief is that my former spouse is holding this case out in order to intimidate me from proceeding with my issues surrounding our divorce.


I am including $2.00 to cover any copying fees.


Thank you for your time and attention,



Leah Talley


2008-05-20 011

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